Check out Karen Silkwood, a nuclear plant worker and whistleblower. On November 13, 1974, she set out to meet a reporter to go public with evidence of extensive safety violations. She was later found dead; her car appeared to have been run off the road and the documents she had with her were missing.

The Mysterious Death of Karen Silkwood

What happened to the plutonium-plant worker turned union activist?

On Nov. 13, 1974, union activist and plutonium-plant worker Karen Silkwood was found dead in what police ruled a single-car accident. But the circumstances surrounding her death have kept people guessing to this day.

Silkwood was born Feb. 19, 1946, and grew up in Nederland, Texas. After attending college for a year, she married an oil worker and had three children before leaving her family and moving to Oklahoma City. When she left, her children were 5 years, 3 years ,and 18 months old. Silkwood told oldest daughter Kristi that she was going out to buy some cigarettes.

Shortly thereafter, Silkwood took a $4 per hour job as a metallography technician at the Cimar… Continue Reading