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Pill Bug Control

How Are Pill Bugs Beneficial to Your Garden Soil?

The pill bug, sometimes known as rollie pollies, is the only crustacean that has completely adapted to living on land. The pill insect got its name because it can curl itself into a tight ball when disturbed. pill bugs are found worldwide, with Armadillidium Vulgare being the most frequent in the United States. pill bugs are known to enter houses through door thresholds, especially in homes with ground-level sliding glass doors. When a pill bug is found in the place, it usually signals a huge population outside, which might lead to an infestation. But how do these pest-prone insects perform a vital part in maintaining a healthy plant cycle?

Pill bugs can remove hazardous metal ions from the environment by ingesting heavy metals like copper, zinc, lead, and cadmium, which crystallize into spherical deposits in the midgut.

What Do Pill Bugs Eat?

pill bugs are an essential part of nature’s waste removal process. They’re great in a compost pile because they eat mainly decaying plant materials.

In an ideal world, pill bugs and sow bugs would only come into contact with dead plant parts. Our world, alas, is far from perfect. If there is no alternative food available, living plants are the next choice.

While roly-poly eating strawberries may seem strange, it is possible. If there are many pill bugs present, ground-level fruit may be on the menu. Plant stems, too, are susceptible to infection. (Source: Epic Gardening)

Are Pill Bugs Beneficial or Not?

Pill bugs aren’t a problem in the typical quantities in most gardens. They’re so unnoticed that they’re almost invisible. There is generally plenty of decomposing stuff for them to feast on. It’s when the pill bug population explodes that it becomes a severe problem. When there is a vast population, the fallen plant debris can be consumed too quickly. Your plants are now next in line.

This isn’t to say that the pill bug is a pest in the garden. In reality, significant populations are unusual to come across. And if given the option, they’ll typically switch over without regard for live plants. These rollie polies are also excellent for use in the garden. If you want to compost, you’ll want to include a number of them in your pile. They can chew plant parts into tiny pieces quickly, breaking them down. This hastens the composting process.

Are they, then, lousy neighbors? Not intentionally, anyway. They are, nevertheless, hungry and require sustenance. They’ll eat those instead if you provide alternatives. Your plants may be endangered if you don’t. (Source: Epic Gardening)

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic: Environmental Way of Pill Bug Control

Pill bugs are kept away from seedlings by placing toilet paper tubes around them. Old plastic cups with the bottoms removed will work similarly to the pipes but will not break down as quickly.

You can bait pill bugs and relocate them to a new spot. Leave a little mound of rubbish in your garden for a few days. pill bugs will be attracted to decomposing leaves, maize cobs, or even a half of a cantaloupe. Please pick up the trash and catch the bugs to relocate them after a few days.

Pill bug-infested potted plants can also be protected. Bugs can be avoided by hanging potted plants or placing them on a concrete surface. Because the pillbug requires moisture to thrive on its journey to your plant. (Source: Epic Gardening)

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