The movie ”Moana” was released as ”Oceania” in Italy. They changed the name because a porn star named Moana was well known in the country.

Disney Changes ‘Moana’ Title in Italy, Where It Has Porn Star Connotations

ROME – Disney’s “Moana” will soon roll out across Italy – but under a new name, “Oceania,” a change widely believed to be prompted by the fact that the name of the film’s titular Polynesian princess is also that of a famous Italian porn star.

For Italian adults at least, “Moana” is pretty much synonymous with Moana Pozzi, a porn actress and TV personality who is still a household name, even though she died in 1994.

While Disney Italy is not commenting on the name change, the company’s head of theatrical marketing in the country, Davide Romani, acknowledged during a meeting of Italian exhibitors last year that they were “thinking about this issue.” Shortly afterwards, Disney issued its first Italian poster for the pic, with “Oceania” as its title.Continue Reading