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David Lee Roth

What Did David Lee Roth Pay His Roadies $100 For?

During his Van Halen days, David Lee Roth, also known as Diamond Dave, had such a strong desire for sex that he devised an ingenious scoring method at the band’s concerts. But did you ever wonder why he paid his roadies $100?

David Lee Roth paid his road crew $100 for each woman brought backstage by them. Roth’s roadies would go through the crowd looking for very specific women with whom he might have sex with.

The Story of the $100 Incentive from David Lee Roth

From his lofty position on the stage, Roth would instruct his roadies to dive into the crowd and collect particular girls for him to have sex with.

The chosen girl would be given a backstage pass with the initials of the roadie who approached her written in the top corner. 

If that pass were among those scattered on his floor the following day, Roth would reward the roadie with a $100 bonus at breakfast because exchanging money for sex works up an appetite.

But Roth’s impressive management methods did not end there. Once he’d decided on his targets, he’d often inform the crew that they could go pick up the remaining groupies once all of the equipment was loaded into the trucks. This promise increased crew efficiency and cut the time it took to tear down the whole stage in half at the end of the night. (Source: Phickle Philly

Why Did David Lee Roth Insure His Penis for $1 Million?

David Lee Roth’s life was fueled by drugs, alcohol, parties, sex, and other crazy antics at the height of Van Halen’s popularity and success.

Around the same time, a woman filed a paternity suit against Eddie Van Halen, which was later dropped, but it inspired Him to try to get his penis insured.

Roth approached his lawyers and asked if he could insure his Little Elvis for the low price of $1 million. It was told that he had it insured through Lloyd’s of London.

In a later interview, he admitted that there is some truth to the rumor, as he did suggest it when their manager suggested that they insure Eddie Van Halen’s fingers.

Somebody said ‘We’ll have to insure Edward’s fingers because he’s gonna be using those a lot on the road. And Alex Van Halen’s elbows, you know. Drummers use their elbows a lot, we’re gonna have to insure those elbows because he’s gonna be using those a lot.’ And I said ‘What about Little Elvis? We’re gonna be using him a lot.’

David Lee Roth

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Cheering Up Mark Goodman

In the mid-’80s, VJ Mark Goodman had a difficult time with his wife, so he decided to get away from it by joining Diamond Dave on his first-ever solo tour.

Roth sent a groupie to perform a certain type of job on Goodman to cheer him up during the trip.

Dave wanted to cheer me up. So in Buffalo or someplace, whatever hockey arena we were in, Pete sent me into the locker room. I thought Dave was going to be there and we were going to do some [coke]. I walked in and this girl came out of the showers. She was hot, in a…rock ’n’ roll kind of way, and she started chatting with me. After a short time, she [made a move]. And I felt weird about it, I had to tell her, ‘I can’t.’ I think that may have negatively affected my friendship with Dave; he just wanted to make me feel better.

Mark Goodman

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