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Who Is The Only Hockey Player To Score 200 Points In A Single Season?

Wayne Gretzky was known as the Great One. He played 20 seasons in the NHL for four different teams. But did you know why the NHL retired his jersey number in 2000?

Wayne Gretzky is the only Hockey player to have scored over 200 points in a season. He did this four times in his whole career. The National Hockey League retired his jersey number 99 in the year 2000.

Who is Wayne Gretzky?

Wayne Douglas Gretzky was born in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, on January 26, 1961. He is currently a retired professional ice hockey player and head coach. Many sportswriters, players, and even the National Hockey League itself called him the greatest hockey player ever. He played for the Edmonton Oilers from 1978 to1988, the Los Angeles Kings from 1988 to 1996, the St. Louis Blues in 1996, and for the New York Rangers in1996 up until1999.

Gretzky’s parents are Walter Gretzky and Phyllis Gretzky. He had four siblings Kim, Keith,  Glen, and Brent. He was first married to Janet Jones-Gretzky who he had five children;  Paulina Mary Jean, Ty Robert, Trevor Douglas, Tristan Wayne, and Emma Marie. (Source: Yahoo! Sports)

How Popular is Wayne Gretzky in Hockey?

Gretzky set the regular-season and postseason records, including the most regular-season with 894 goals, 1,963 assists, 2,857 points, and about 50 hat-tricks. He had more career assists than any other player in terms of total points. 

Gretzky also scored his first 1,000 points within 424 games faster than any other player in NHL history, and his second 1,000 points faster than any other player in the world within 433 games. His cumulative point total, including the regular season and playoffs, is a staggering 3,239 points, including 1,016 goals and 2,223 assists. In fact, Gretzky’s 47 playoff points in 1985 and 31 assists in 1988 are still the best playoff record in the National Hockey League. He also has the most playoff goals 122, assists 260, points 382, hat-tricks 10 and 10 game-winning goals in his career. (Source: Yahoo! Sports)

What Does Wayne Gretzky Do Today?

In 1999, Gretzky was inducted into the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame. H became the head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes during the NHL lock-out of 2004-05 and resigned in 2009 after the Phoenix Coyotes filed for bankruptcy.

In the same year, the Wayne Gretzky International Award was set up to give honor to individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of Ice Hockey in the United States. The award was presented to individuals who have achieved so much in their careers but have not been inducted into the Hall of Fame. (Source: Yahoo! Sports)

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