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Teacup Pigs Are Not Real

Pigs have been increasingly popular as pets in recent years, and many pig lovers have purchased mini or micro pigs to keep as pets in their homes. Pigs can be an amusing and rewarding company, not to mention quite cute, due to their clever and friendly disposition. Celebrity culture has inspired the pet pig obsession, with Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, and Ariana Grande posing with their porcine companions. But did you know teacup pigs real? 

Teacup pigs are known as mini pigs and they are not real. They are simply potbellied pigs who have been malnourished in order to delay their growth and will eventually weigh only 100-150 pounds.

Which Pigs Are the Most Popular Pets?

Although there is no such thing as a miniature pig, several breeds are significantly smaller than the average domestic pig and are popular as pets. Although many breeds are offered as teacup or miniature when bred small enough, pigs sold as micro pigs are primarily a kind of potbellied pig; Vietnamese Potbellieds and Royal Dandies are the most common. (Source: Good Heart Animal Sanctuaries

How Big Can a Teacup Pig Get?

Micro pigs are frequently advertised as growing no larger than a medium-sized dog, which may be true in height and length for some. Even the tiniest breeds can reach 50-70 kg in weight, or even more if overfed, as pigs acquire weight quickly. Some unscrupulous breeders offer standard-sized pigs as micro pigs while they are very young, and owners can end up with a 300kg pet pig in a year or less, a situation that only a few of us could handle.

Food can generate conflict between pet pigs and their human housemates since their desire to forage can lead them to topple bins and other containers, and they are smart enough to open fridges, cupboards, and pantries to get to the food within. Pigs can be harmful to anyone who tries to approach their meal if they are not well fed or like it too much. Pigs with this form of aggression may damage people, particularly children, who are holding food in the hopes of stealing it.

Due to regulatory restrictions, Pet pigs must be given a specialized feed rather than scraps. In reality, in the United Kingdom, feeding scraps to pigs is prohibited because it increases the risk of disease transmission. Because specialty feed can be costly to purchase, potential owners must consider where they will get enough healthy and appropriate food. (Source: Good Heart Animal Sanctuaries

Are Pigs Suitable as Pets?

Pigs have tough requirements to meet, making them challenging to keep as pets. Although some people are well-equipped to own a pig, prospective owners must be well aware of the difficulties they may experience when purchasing and caring for one.

To begin with, getting a pig as a pet necessitates a significant time and financial commitment. Pet pigs are usually expensive to buy, and the cost of feeding them, keeping their outside environment clean, and any veterinarian costs may rapidly pile up. 

Pigs’ intellect makes them fun to be around, but it can also make them bossy and demanding. If they are not stimulated, they will become bored, resulting in home devastation or even aggressiveness. Pigs’ hormones are easily managed. Thus spaying or neutering is necessary to prevent them from becoming violent in their desire for supremacy. (Source: Good Heart Animal Sanctuaries

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