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Casa Sanchez Tattoo Promotion

People Got Free Tacos for Life from Casa Sanchez for Getting the Restaurant’s Logo Tattooed

Tacos are a traditional Mexican dish that has become such a hit all over the globe. Casa Sanchez, a restaurant in San Francisco, offered Free Tacos for Life to anyone who would get their logo tattooed on them. But what happened after the restaurant’s closure in 2012?

People who obtained the “free tacos for life” promo after getting tattooed with Casa Scanchez’s logo were eligible to get free pupusas from the restaurant that took over their lease.

Tacos for Tattoos

Casa Sanchez in San Francisco predicted its legendary tacos-for-tattoos arrangement would cost around $5.8 million twenty-two years ago.

The deal’s creator, Martha Sanchez, arrived at that high estimate after the promotion had already begun. The figure would be startling if the 50 or so tattooed people stayed in San Francisco for the rest of their lives and ordered an $8 lunch weekly. That number does not include the second batch of people who joined the bargain when Casa Sanchez relaunched it. (Source: SF Gate)

What Happened to the People Who Got the “Free Tacos for Life” Deal After Casa Sanchez Closed?

Greg Tietz, 35, had only been in San Francisco for a few years and was hoping to settle down in his area when he saw a campaign for a Mexican restaurant that attracted his attention. Get a tattoo and get lifelong free Mexican food.

I was just a happy-go-lucky bartender at Bottom of the Hill. And I was trying to explore areas of the Mission I hadn’t been to and found myself walking past Casa Sanchez.

Greg Tietz, Participant of the Promotion

Tietz had wanted to get his first tattoo by that point but was torn between options, a sentiment shared by many first-time tattoo recipients.

Like, boy this really needs to be special, really needs to mean something. I’m nervous about it.

Greg Tietz, Participant of the Promotion

Tietz was drawn to the Casa Sanchez tattoo for some reason. The emblem, which featured a small boy riding a cob of corn-turned-rocket ship affectionately known as Jimmy the Cornman, was fantastic. The food was excellent as well.

I caught a co-worker friend of mine who had probably a dozen or more tattoos, saying, ‘You should come check this place out with me and see what you think of the offer,’ and helped me find a good tattoo artist.

Greg Tietz, Participant of the Promotion

Guido Brenner, who now handles security at the bottom of the Hill, was that friend. Even as a lifer in San Francisco who knew the Mexican food scene like the back of his hand, Brenner said that he appreciated the art and thought the meal was fairly decent.

Tietz and Brenner became the second and third people to get the Casa Sanchez logo permanently tattooed on their bodies. It turns out that the first person was a local who got the Jimmy tattoo long before the offer was even advertised.

Sadly Casa Sanchez closed in 2012. The pupusa establishment D’Maize, which eventually took over Casa Sanchez’s old lease, includes a clause on its lease agreement that anyone with the OG tattoo is welcome to a free pupusa. Tietz has come by once or twice, and Brenner has visited at least three times, but they claim the familial part is missing. (Source: SF Gate)

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