Bill Haast began extracting snake venom at 15 years old. He founded the Miami Serpentarium and injected himself with venom for 60+ years. His blood was used to save 21 snakebite victims. He created a venom serum to cure polio. He was bitten over 170 times and lived to be 100.

The Life of Bill Haast

This official Bill Haast website is being presented in honor of one of the greatest pioneers, visionaries, humanitarians and scientists of all time. While the legendary name of W.E. Haast has already been etched into history, it has been said upon learning of his passing on June 15, 2011, that “there are some people who should never die.”* And so that you too may know of just why he has earned such a place of honor in the hearts of all who knew him, and for those who knew of his dedication, self sacrifice and desire to relieve human suffering, we invite you to enjoy this site.

*Bruno Gattolin, D.V.M.

Photo Credit: Dade Thornton

William Edward Haast was born on December 30, 1910 in Paterson, New Jersey to parents of german descen… Continue Reading