Canadians say sorry so much that a law had to be passed saying that apologies aren’t admissions of guilt.

Canadians love to say ‘sorry’ so much, we had to make this law

There’s nothing quite like the classic Canadian apology.

You won’t find people in any other country in the world who will say the word “sorry” to someone who is clearly in the wrong. This is a uniquely Canadian phenomenon. So unique, in fact, that the term carries legal weight in the province of Ontario.

The “Apology Act“, passed in 2009, is a direct result of Canada’s overuse of the word “sorry”. See, once upon a time, lawyers in court were probably able establish guilt quite easily. All they would have to do is prove someone apologized at the time of the incident and presto! the verdict would swing in their favour.

Of course, in Canada, such a trend would create massive problems, as everyone says sorry whether they are at faul… Continue Reading