A woman once jumped from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building but only fell one story before a freak gust of wind swept her onto a ledge. She was rescued shortly after.

Woman Survives Fall At the Empire State

A 29‐year‐old woman apparently jumped from the 86th‐floor observation deck of the Empire State Building last night, but survived when she landed on a three‐foot ledge about 20 feet below, the police said. She was admitted to Bellevue Hospital with a fractured pelvis.

Authorities at the 102‐story building on West 34th Street theorized that strong wind gusts — and no small amount of luck — saved the life of Elvita Adams, of 975 Walton Avenue in the Bronx.

George Reice, night supervisor at the observatory, said that a guard heard calls for help at about 8:15 last night and found Miss Adams lying on the 85th‐floor ledge of the building.

A spokesman for the building said that ordinarily four guards patrol the 86th‐floor observation d… Continue Reading

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/1979/12/03/archives/woman-survives-fall-at-the-empire-state.html