To help prostitute’s business in 16th c. Venice, the authorities designated a bridge where they could stand and show their breasts to potential clients. The bridge still stands to this day and is called “Ponte delle Tette” or the bridge of tits.

Ponte delle Tette

Ponte delle Tette is a small bridge on the rio di san Canciano in the parish of San Cassiano, Venice, Italy, in the sestieres of San Polo. It takes its name (“Bridge of the Tits”) from the use of the bridge by prostitutes, who were encouraged to stand topless on the bridge and in nearby windows to entice and convert suspected homosexuals.


The Serenissima restricted prostitution in Venice to the area Carampane di Rialto by official decree in 1412. The prostitutes were severely restricted in their movement and behaviour. The buildings of the area had become property of the Serenissima when the last of the rich Rampani family had died without an heir. A curfew was imposed on them, and they could not leave the area except on Sat… Continue Reading