Maurice Sendak’s classic book “Where the Wild Things Are” was supposed to be titled “Where the Wild Horses Are” but he realized he couldn’t draw horses so he changed it to “things” instead

10 wild facts about Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are

President Obama chose to read one of his favourite children’s books, Where The Wild Things Are, for the 2016 Easter Egg Roll at the White House. His very dramatic reading, accompanied by First Lady Michelle, featured claws and roars from the excited crowd! As one of our favourite children’s books too, here are some fun facts that you may or may not know about Maurice Sendak’s classic.

1. The book is about the author’s childhood

Where The Wild Things Are is inspired by Maurice’s youth, his background growing up in Brooklyn and his relationship with his parents. He intended to write about his own experiences and the people he knew, and the books became a form of self-expression for him.

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