Cats can drink seawater without becoming dehydrated where most animals (including humans) would die of dehydration

Surprising Facts About Cats And Their Weird Relationship With Water

Cats have a weird love-hate relationship with water. Most cats can’t stand water, but there are a few exceptions. Some breeds even LOVE to swim! But what’s stranger is how cats have evolved to interact with water. Some of these facts may really surprise you!

Cats Can Actually Taste Water

For cats, water has an actual taste. All carnivores, including humans, have receptors for water that help with swallowing. But cats and dogs actually have taste receptors for water. This means that while we may find water to be bland and boring without a little flavor added, cats and dogs actually think it’s tasty. Interestingly, for dogs, water gets tastier after eating meat, which helps them drink enough water to outweigh the saltiness of meat.

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