Meet a new disorder “Orthosomnia,” wherein someone is so obsessed with getting good sleep that they actually lose sleep over it.

What Is Orthosomnia? All About the New Sleep Disorder You’ve Never Heard Of

Thanks to digital sleep trackers, doctors are seeing more people who have an unhealthy obsession with getting a “healthy” amount of shuteye.

Sabra Abbott, MD, PhD, an assistant professor of neurology at Northwestern University, has been treating people with sleep disorders for more than a decade. But in recent years, she and her colleagues began to notice patients reporting a new type of sleep problem.

“We realized we had a number of patients coming in with a phenomenon that didn’t necessarily meet the classical description of insomnia, but that was still keeping them up at night,” Dr. Abbott tells Health. “They seemed to have symptoms related to concerns about what their sleep-tracker devices were telling them, and whether they wer… Continue Reading