Jane Minor, a slave born in 1792, was freed due to her medical work during an epidemic in 1825. She spent her life buying the freedom of other slaves. She freed at least sixteen, some costing over $2000, on a salary of around $2-$5 per medical visit.

Jane Minor

Jane Minor (abt 1792-1858), also known as Gensey (or Jensey) Snow, was an African-American healer and slave emancipator, one of the few documented enslaved healing practitioners in United States history.

Early life

Minor was born into slavery as Gensey Snow in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. She worked on the estate of Benjamin Harris May.

Healer and emancipator

Minor “was apparently skilled medically and a very gifted, nurturing healer, someone patients really responded to,” according to historian Susan Lebsock. In 1825, a fever epidemic struck Petersburg, Virginia, and many families, black and white, were affected. As a result of her healing work, Benjamin May gave Minor her freedom. In the manumission deed, he notes that he f… Continue Reading

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