After a BBC investigation found that Facebook failed to remove images of child abuse, Facebook responded by reporting the BBC to the authorities

BBC finds Facebook failed to remove child porn. Facebook reports BBC to authorities

A BBC investigation has revealed that 80 per cent of child abuse images it reported to Facebook were not removed. Facebook responded to the allegations by requesting the BBC send examples of the material to it, then reporting the team to the authorities for sending them.

Facebook is regularly in the headlines for some of its incongruent moderation practices – removing photos of breastfeeding mothers, but allowing violent footage of beheadings, for instance. However, in this instance, the BBC is suggesting the content and its validity on the site is black and white.

The BBC described the content as “images from groups where men were discussing swapping what appeared to be child abuse material”, including: “pages explicitly for men wi… Continue Reading (6 minute read)

11 thoughts on “After a BBC investigation found that Facebook failed to remove images of child abuse, Facebook responded by reporting the BBC to the authorities”

  1. ThinkOfANameHere

    Oh it gets better. Facebook specifically requested these examples be sent if BBC wanted an interview with big execs. They did this to get out of that interview. Jfc.

  2. AdvancedAdvance

    To which Zuckerberg said, “Looks like I had the last jocular reaction typical of us humans.”

  3. AvalieV

    Yeppp. Facebook questioned the existence of the [underage sexual] content, so they requested examples from the BBC, and when the BBC sent reported photos that were not removed to Facebook as proof, Facebook reported them for sending the material, on their own site. Ridiculous. Got rid of Facebook in January, haven’t missed it once.

    Edit: words

  4. Hopefulless69

    Get rid of Facebook. Have someone else start something from scratch the right way.

  5. Teknikal69

    I’ve never and won’t ever have a Facebook, I got a false accusation and raided by the police, and they demanded my non-existent Facebook account so many times during interviews I could never trust it.

    I feel when they have nothing at all to pin on you they want your Facebook to help them find absolutely anything it’s suspicious as hell how many times they brought that up.

    edit: just to clarify the supposed accusation was nothing to do with the internet at all and just a random call claiming I was threatening to shoot up my workplace (NEVER HAPPENED, I suspect it was sectarian as I live in Belfast) and I was on my third week of a holiday when raided and hadn’t even been there when this supposed threat took place.

  6. dwb122

    What a grotesque corporation.

  7. ChihuahuaJedi

    Zuckerberg would look so much more normal if his irises and pupils were just a little bit smaller.

  8. yakshack

    As the ancient adage states – the best time to delete Facebook was 10 years ago. The second best time to delete Facebook is now.

  9. jonnyballs

    Guys. Stop using Facebook.

  10. huskyblue92

    Reported them for what?

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