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The S. Korean gov. has a program that helps pay for US Korean War vets to visit the locations where they fought 70 years ago

Korean War Vets Eligible for Free Return Tour

The Republic of Korea is footing the bill for Korean War veterans and their family members to visit South Korea in thanks for their service. The Korean Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs administers the program, which began in 1975. It pays for vets’ ground transportation, lodging and meals. It also covers 50 percent of airfare for veterans and 30 percent of airfare for their companions. According to the organization Military Historical Tours, the Revisit Korea Program is offering four trips in 2019 to veterans looking to take advantage of the opportunity. They will run July 22-28; Sept. 25-Oct. 1; Oct. 20-26; and Nov. 8-14, according to a news release from the organization. All trips have pre-tour options available from Military His… Continue Reading (1 minute read)

5 thoughts on “The S. Korean gov. has a program that helps pay for US Korean War vets to visit the locations where they fought 70 years ago”

  1. swashbucklerjak

    I have met a few vets that took part in this and they only had great things to say about it.

    Haven’t met any Vietnam vets that are really keen on going back, same with OEF/OIF guys.

  2. Nagsheadlocal

    Dad was at Chosin. He hated being cold the rest of his life. He liked Koreans, though – always said that later on, at Chu Lai, Vietnam, they were the only perimeter guards who could keep out the VC sappers.

    Also liked the Vietnamese and thought the war a great tragedy for everyone. He passed in 2009. Two years ago, when then-Secretary of Defense Mattis was visiting Vietnam, I found a photo in the paper of Mattis inspecting his Vietnamese honor guard. Cut it out and put it on Dad’s grave as I suspected he would want to know. He always said they would come around to being friends.

  3. Black__Mesa

    My grandfather passed away in 2014 but spent a few years fighting in Korea and received a Purple Heart after detonating a land mine (and should’ve received a bronze star but his CO stole it from him). His wife is still alive. Would anyone have knowledge as to whether my family would be able to take advantage of this offer even though he’s passed? We would love to visit the sites of his heroism.

  4. i3ish

    Koreans have nothing but love for murica.

  5. collapsedbook

    Met some cool USMC vets at the Chosin reservoir in SK through this program

    Edit: They were veterans from the battle. It was not in NK. We were at the DMZ and they were touring it.

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