Alan Alda met his wife of over 60 years at a dinner party when they were the only two guests who ate the rum cake after it fell on the kitchen floor.

Alan Alda

In 1956, while attending Fordham, Alda met Arlene Weiss, who was attending Hunter College. They bonded at a mutual friend’s dinner party; when a rum cake accidentally fell onto the kitchen floor, they were the only two guests who did not hesitate to eat it. A year after his graduation, on March 15, they were married. They have three daughters: Eve, Elizabeth, and Beatrice. Two of his eight grandchildren are aspiring actors. In an intimate interview, Alda revealed that Arlene sometimes will call him “Fonzi” in reference to his birth name “Alphonso”.

The Aldas have been long-time residents of Leonia, New Jersey. Alda frequented Sol & Sol Deli on Palisade Avenue in the nearby town of Englewood, New Jersey—a fact mirrored in his charac… Continue Reading (7 minute read)

11 thoughts on “Alan Alda met his wife of over 60 years at a dinner party when they were the only two guests who ate the rum cake after it fell on the kitchen floor.”

  1. FacetiousBeard

    So you’re telling me that I have what it takes to be Alan Alda’s wife?

  2. notagoodboye

    This is the sort of stuff that tells you the other one is a keeper.

    My wife had a horrible thanksgiving one year (the extended family went to an S&S Cafeteria, which may mean something to you, but is just *bad*, take it from me).

    So I made a whole Thanksgiving spread. Massive. All the stuff. All homemade. She brought cranberry “wine” from a local winery.

    But the top was wired down, so I opened it very carefully, and wasn’t surprised when the top blew off explosively. I was very proud of myself, until I turned back and saw a massive *geyser* of champagne threatening my huge spread. So I did what anyone would have done, I pointed the bottle elsewhere, which is to say, I hosed down my girl with a bottle of booze.

    There was a moment of stunned silence. I fucking *drilled* her, totally by accident, and she was all dressed up.

    And then we both completely lost our shit. I have very seldom laughed harder in my life, and she thought it was just as funny as I did.

    Married almost 20 years.

  3. that_420_chick

    I absolutely adore Alan Alda. He is a kind, thoughtful, funny man. I have had a crush on Hawkeye since I was little bitty.

  4. Comandante380

    (Extreme Alan Alda voice) “I don’t know why no one else is having this rum cake; there’s nothing wrong with it! It just fell on the floor, that doesn’t mean you just have to throw it out, Frank….”

  5. Ted_Roo

    I’m guessing she ate some too so Alan didn’t eat Alda cake!

  6. Odd_Dust4

    Thats the alcoholic level im at

  7. TenicioBelDoro

    One does not simply waste rum cake

  8. reconknucktly

    Is there anything upside down rumcake can’t do?

  9. I_might_be_weasel

    It wasn’t a rum cake they dropped. It was a baby!

  10. GBreezy

    On Alan Alda and food, my favorite single episode of any TV series of all time is MASH’s “Adam’s Ribs”. I had a month long Army field exercise where the food guy messed up and we literally only had either spaghetti or stroganoff for an entire month. Every time I get BBQ I watch that episode.

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