In 2018, World of Warcraft’s virtual gold was 7 times more valuable than Venezuela’s currency

‘World of Warcraft’s’ virtual gold is seven times more valuable than Venezuela’s real money

(CNN)How worthless is the bolivar, Venezuela’s currency? You’d be better off investing in fictional currency from a video game.

The virtual gold in “World of Warcraft,” the online role-playing game, is now almost seven times more valuable than real cash from Venezuela, whose economy is in shambles.

As the South American country suffers an economic crisis due to extreme inflation, the value of bolivar has cratered.

One US dollar today is worth 68,915 bolivares, according to official rates, but it goes for 690,854 on the black market exchange rate the locals use. The black market rate is considered more trustworthy than the official rate, because the Venezuelan government has lost credibility among many of its people.

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14 thoughts on “In 2018, World of Warcraft’s virtual gold was 7 times more valuable than Venezuela’s currency”

  1. ajc1239

    And this is why to this day there’s a lot of venezuelans grinding for and selling runescape gold to feed their family.

    iirc a day of runescape can net them $2-5

  2. visope

    Right now, at 110 thousands gold for $15 (or 7,333 gold per dollar) it is twice as valuable as Indonesian rupiah.

  3. OGnarl

    Me and a friend borrowed gold from all the lads in our class and created the strange dust cartel and raised the price by 40% overnight of all the strange dust material.
    We allowed players to underbid us by 5% but If it was more we just bought it for ourself to inflated the price.
    It was alot of work but as soon as we found an addon/script that did it automaticly for us the gold was rolling in.
    Wow AH taught me more about economics than school did despite majoring in econ.

  4. TheRedmanCometh

    During the days of vanilla WoW it was worth more than a ton of countries currency

  5. infodawg

    The contents of the average person’s wallet are 7 times more valuables than Venezuela’s currency.

  6. lawlroffles

    Does that sentence even mean anything. It’s like saying a subway sandwich is five times more valuable than the American dollar. Maybe over time WoW gold has increased in value relative to Venezuelan currency.

  7. osasesosa

    Am I wrong or does this not actually mean very much? The value of a currency is largely determined by how much of that currency is in circulation. The Libyan Dinar is about 100 times more valuable than the Japanese Yen.

  8. BrokenEye3

    To be fair, video game currencies have a fixed value. An item that costs 20gp in the in-game shops will always cost 20gp in those shops (the auction house is a different matter, though).

  9. KuroNoctis

    Got this from Sodapoppin’s stream?

  10. madeindavid

    We became the butt joke of everyone but even then no one cares about the humanitarian crisis.

  11. Silvea

    At the end of the day it’s a job. Gold farmers are basically independent contractors. They get hired to farm gold. Due to the Dollars large purchasing power, it’s a small amount for those buying, but those selling make a live able wage. It’s why it works out.

  12. ClassicResult

    Yeah, and if several of the wealthiest and most powerful nations on earth into destroying the economy of WoW, it probably wouldn’t be looking too hot, either.

  13. cepxico

    You got it all wrong, the gold has no value – people’s time does. Their time was worth 7 times more than venezuela’s currency.

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