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What Happened to George Clooney’s Pot-Bellied Pig?

George Clooney is an American actor, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter, and philanthropist who has won three Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards. Without a doubt, Clooney is one of the most successful names in the industry. But did you know he owned a pot-bellied pig?

As a gift for his then-girlfriend, actress Kelly Preston, George Clooney bought a pot-bellied pig named Max. Clooney kept Max for 18 years after they broke up, and until Max’s death in 2006. He often joked about Max being the longest relationship he’s ever had.

George Clooney’s Unusual Gift to Kelly Preston

George Clooney dated Kelly Preston just before he met his now-wife, Amal. Preston and Clooney met when their agent invited them to the same party. Preston was hooked and the next thing they knew they were moving in together. They were very much in love.

Clooney gifted Present with a pot-bellied pig they named Max.

The only problem was that Max was first afraid of me. I believe it was because the woman who owned him castrated him. 

Kelly Preston

Clooney tried to make the two get closer. He would stuff food in Preston’s bra so that Max would go near her. 

Max wouldn’t get near her, so I put food in Kelly’s bra. He’ll do anything for food.

George Clooney

(Source: Micky Entertainment)

Why Did Geoge Clooney Think that Pigs Made Great Pets?

Before George Clooney had his dog named Einstein, he had a pet pig named Max for nearly two decades before that.

I had my pig for 18 years, Charlie, and when he died after 18 years, I felt like I’d had enough of pigs, so to speak.

George Clooney

He often stated that having a pig as a pet was awesome and that he loved having Max as a pet.

Pigs are incredibly smart, and he was humorous, and he made me laugh. But they work because if you let them, they’ll trash everything.

George Clooney

Clooney revealed that Max slept on his bed with him until he became too big, reaching a weight of around 250 pounds. They were incredibly close. (Source: CBS News)

What Happened to Max?

Max was nearly 300 pounds when he passed. The adorable pot-bellied pig lived with George Clooney in his Hollywood Hills home. Max had lived with Clooney for 18 years and had suffered from arthritis and partial blindness as he aged. 

He just died, like an hour ago. He was the oldest pig the veterinarians had ever seen. I was genuinely astonished because he’s been such a significant part of my life.

George Clooney

When Max died, Clooney was on the road promoting his new picture, The Good German. There were rumors in January 2005 that Max had died and gone to hog heaven. Clooney responded with denial at the time.

It’s been a difficult year for my pets. I, too, had a bulldog who passed away this year. It’s strange how animals can become such an important part of your household. They’ve turned into a major concern for you.

George Clooney

Max, the pig appeared in several interviews with Clooney. Fans would often refer to him as Max, the star. (Source: People Magazine)

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