Ninjas would carry crickets or cicadas to disguise their sound when they needed.

7 Things you didn’t know about Ninja

Imposing figures in black, hiding in the shadows, and moving about with almost superhuman agility seem like nothing but cool stories told to tourists and movie-goers nowadays, but were once a very real part of feudal Japan. Japanese folklore states that the Ninja descended from a demon that was half man and half crow. Logic would dictate, however, that it seems more likely that the ninja slowly came about as an opposing force to their upper-class contemporaries, the Samurai, in early feudal Japan.

A bit of history:

The true origins of Ninja is unclear. It is believed that the first ancient Ninja may have been yamabushi (“mountain priests”) who adapted the Sonshi, a Chinese martial arts manual, to their own purposes. There are refere… Continue Reading (6 minute read)

14 thoughts on “Ninjas would carry crickets or cicadas to disguise their sound when they needed.”

  1. dr_xenon

    Great. So now every time I hear a cricket I’m gonna go on full alert looking for a ninja.

  2. Cranky_Windlass

    Murphy’s law tells me that when you want them to be loud they’re silent in defiance

  3. themeatbridge

    We should bring back this practice. Gotta fart on a crowded elevator? Pocket cicada!

  4. NicNoletree

    Guard 1: Do you hear that?


    Guard 2: I don’t hear anything.

    Guard 1: EXACTLY!

  5. DifficultSwim

    Pretty cool and makes sense if you’ve ever been to Japan. Those bugs are so noisy.

  6. Jiggy__J

    Is that why there’s a ninja/cicada Pokémon named Ninjask? The Pokémon company is amazing where they draw inspiration

  7. Moksa_Elodie

    I’d like to see this become a requirement for American Ninja Warrior

  8. the_mellojoe

    Anyone else imagining a failed Ninja get caught and then just “pocket sand” throw a bunch of crickets into someone’s face and run away?

    Just me?


  9. ayoGriffskii

    Is that why Mulan carried a cricket

  10. myster0n

    So it’s not that my jokes are bad but that I’m surrounded by ninjas. Good to know.

  11. labbykun

    I demand a sitcom where a bumbling ninja tries to use this technique in the stupidest of places.

    *Cricket chirp*

    “Uh, hold tight, Houston. Sounds like a cricket got on board, we’re gonna check it out.”

  12. succed32

    Too my knowledge ninjas are a recent term. They certainly had assassins and the like. But their were no “ninja families” or “hardcore ninja training”. It was just assassins who were japanese.

  13. alluptheass

    According to a historian I spoke to from Keio University, this practice was eventually abandoned because people learned to be extra cautious when they heard the sound of crickets not-native to their area (apparently cricket chirps are rather distinct depending on exactly where the cricket is from.)

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