Amish beards have no mustache because they associate them with the military, and they’re pacifists

Amish Beard: Everything You Need To Know

If you are wondering what an Amish beard is, let’s explain it in the simplest terms possible.

This is a facial hair style that is all beard and no mustache.

This style has deep religious undertones, and it’s one of the easiest marks to identify people who belong to the Amish society.

Before you attempt to just grow your facial hair haphazardly, let’s first see why Amishes grow these types of beards in the first place.


What Is an Amish Beard

Most Popular Amish Beard Styles

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What Is an Amish Beard

Amish beard is a style of facial hair consisting only of the beard. It does not include a mustache. It appears as a full and long hair growth over the chin and jaw. The hair meets wi… Continue Reading (12 minute read)

8 thoughts on “Amish beards have no mustache because they associate them with the military, and they’re pacifists”

  1. FalstaffsMind

    Of course they are referring to the Prussian military of 1854.

  2. Freefolk217

    I myself dabbled in pacifism once. Not in ‘Nam of course.

  3. FilthyGrunger

    “Spartan men were known for their long, dreadlocked hair, which they believed, made a man look taller, more dignified and more terrifying.  It was said that long hair makes a handsome man even better looking and an ugly man more terrifying.  The beard was also worn long and braided with the upper lip shaved (no moustache similar to America’s own 16th President Abraham Lincoln).  When asked once why he wore his hair and beard long in the old fashioned style a Spartan replied, “So I can see my grey hairs and never do anything unworthy of them.””


  4. roushguy

    My grandma is friends with some very progressive Amish folks.

    They have a radio, though it’s usually tuned to a local (benign) Christian channel, their kids are allowed a single can of Mountain Dew a week, too.

    I remember when we went and stayed at his home, once. Fortunately, I had a good book with me, but I never expected Rueben to come and ask me, politely, to talk.

    See, Reuben kind of scared me, because I didn’t know him very well and I had always thought of Amish as strict. But he wanted to talk about faith. He’d heard from my grandma that I was a self professed non Christian, and he wanted to talk about faith, belief, and so on.

    He was never rude or disrespectful, even though I was only seventeen, and he never once tried to shove it down my throat or convert me or proselytize. We spent three or four hours holding what is probably the calmest, politest discussion slash conversation about the topic. It was a sobering experience, and I think that having to put forth the how and why I wasn’t a Christian really solidified my stance on a lot of other things.

    I genuinely miss him and his family. They didn’t treat their livestock poorly, but they were tools first, pets/friends second, and that is a stance that I can respect, even if I disagree. Which is where things stood between us, mostly. I respected and understood his stances, and he understood and respected mine, even if we disagreed.

  5. bored_messiah

    Why does he look like Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria?

  6. The_Possessor

    And they wear beards because, unlike a wedding ring, you can’t just take it off and put it back on.

  7. Shas_Erra

    The moustache is a tactical accessory designed to intimidate the enemy.

    Just ask Vegeta

  8. sonofthenation

    I did that beard once and my girlfriend was not happy. Didn’t last the day.

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