A1 Steak Sauce was invented 200 years ago by King George IV’s private chef, and is older than solid chocolate

The Untold Truth Of A.1. Sauce

A.1. Sauce, also known as A.1. Steak Sauce, also known as just “steak sauce,” because, much like Kleenex, Xerox, and Band-Aid, the A.1. brand has become synonymous with steak sauce. Sure, there’s a peppercorn sauce, a zesty chimichurri, or a red wine sauce, but if you ask for a bottle of steak sauce, you’re getting A.1., whether you like it or not.

Suppose, much like other iconic brands, A.1. gave its classic square bottles a makeover, maybe tried to jazz up the chunky font or the slogan of “original sauce,” well, that just wouldn’t seem quite right. It’s steak sauce, the absolute antithesis of hipster foodie culture. It looks like a time capsule, it tastes like a time capsule, and it is just fine as it is, thank you very much. But why … Continue Reading (8 minute read)

8 thoughts on “A1 Steak Sauce was invented 200 years ago by King George IV’s private chef, and is older than solid chocolate”

  1. happydopemore

    The bottle I have in the back of my fridge is prolly older

  2. Poison-Pen-

    I don’t care what others may say, I love the sauce.

  3. Haiku-d-etat

    A1 Thick and Hearty Burger at Whataburger. Awwwwe yeeeeah.

  4. sushipusha

    Lea & Perrin in 1837 creates a new sauce for the king of England. King tastes it and asks, “What’s this here sauce?”

    True story

  5. Joe_Betz_

    And to think all this time my father’s Midwestern process of overcooking a steak and then dousing it with A1 afterwards was borne from kings

  6. tycho-42

    So everyone has seen the meme about why tf someone decided to make a steak sauce while the civil war was going on.

    This is the other side. The Brits fancied a broil while watching the colonies fight themselves. So it was only natural that they needed to invent a sauce to enjoy it with

  7. KitteNlx

    Bologna and potato chip sandwich, with a very light spread of A1. Better than it sounds. Cheetos work, too.

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