The parents of “Simpsons” creator, Matt Groenig, were named Homer & Marge. He also had sisters named Lisa, Maggie, & Patty.

The real people behind Homer Simpson and family

On the other end of the line, a phone rings.

It’s easy for a geeky fan of “The Simpsons” to get carried away, imagining a bulky animated handset jangling on a table next to an orange living-room couch. Is it crazy to expect Marge Simpson to answer?

“Hello?” The woman’s voice is warm, melodious and confident, not at all like the stress-worn, gravel timbre that evokes visions of gravity-defying blue hair.

“Is this Margaret Groening?”

“Yes,” she says, still sounding nothing like the mother of America’s beloved dysfunctional cartoon clan. “This is.”

After 18 TV seasons and a chart-topping $74 million debut last weekend for “The Simpsons Movie,” any fan worth his weight in Krusty Burgers knows that creator Matt Groening named… Continue Reading (4 minute read)

14 thoughts on “The parents of “Simpsons” creator, Matt Groenig, were named Homer & Marge. He also had sisters named Lisa, Maggie, & Patty.”

  1. askmeifimacop

    And his mother’s maiden name was Wiggum!

  2. Keeyn1

    Yeah he named all the characters after real people

  3. chuchumazurka

    I guess he wasn’t very fond of one of his sisters…

  4. Mudder1310

    I was a cable guy in Portland for a while. I got a service call for “Homer Groening”. I thought it was a joke. Turned out to be for the parents. I didn’t bring it up but Marge (she prefers Margaret btw) did and we made some small talk about it. Very nice folks.

  5. Mr_frumpish

    There are a lot of nods to Portland in the Simpsons:

    Burnside Street + Montgomery Park

    Flanders Street

    Kearney Street

    Lovejoy Street

    Quimby Street

    Terwilliger Curves

    Van Houten Ave

  6. tomixcomics

    I wonder who is Selma, then.

  7. textc

    His paternal grandfather was named Abraham, too.

  8. Zekumi

    His sister Lisa is married to Craig Bartlett, who created *Hey Arnold!*.

  9. casualreader22

    On one of the audio commentaries they tell a story of how he was out of the room when they decided to name Grandpa Simpson Abe, and sure enough one of Matt’s grandfathers was named Abraham.

  10. sirax067

    His mother’s maiden name was Wiggum

  11. airpaulg

    Also – Steve Jobs is the biological brother of the real-life inspiration (a woman named Mona Simpson) for Homer Simpson’s mother.

  12. Dawn-Chi

    His Dad Homer was from Saskatchewan Canada. That’s why when homer was watching football it was the Roughriders on t.v.

  13. TheBigMortboski

    His mom grew up on my street, two blocks up.

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