Nearly 70% of icelanders has costco membership and there’s only one costco in the country

Costco Nation: 71% of Icelanders are members of members only warehouse supermarket

Icelanders appear to have welcomed the opening up of Costco with open arms: A poll by the polling firm MMR shows that 71% of Icelanders have joined the members-only warehouse supermarket. The vast majority (60%) of these intends to renew their membership.

The poll offers a fascinating picture of Icelandic society. It shows a surprisingly small difference between the capital region and the rest of Iceland. While 77% of people in the capital region have bought membership in Costco 60% outside Reykjavík. The poll showed no difference in membership based on educational achievement.

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13 thoughts on “Nearly 70% of icelanders has costco membership and there’s only one costco in the country”

  1. Tarsiz

    I was living in Iceland when Costco opened. It was a massive frenzy and the most talked about piece of news in all conversations, all my icelandic friends were talking about that week was whether they had gone to Costco yet or were going to.

    One of the key reasons for its popularity is how relatively cheap gas was sold at Costco compared to regular petrol stations. Gas in Iceland is incredibly expensive and at Costco it was about 30% cheaper or so.

  2. spatialnorton09

    Iceland has like 350k people, half of which live in Reykjavik. I swear my local Costco has about that many running around every time I go there even without the hotdogs.

  3. DeuceMacaw

    My wife and I flew to Iceland and the airline lost our luggage upon arrival. We got into our camper van and went to Iceland’s only costco and bought an entire iceland wardrobe for the trip- we still have them all!

  4. typehyDro

    Probably cause food is so freaking expensive in iceland… no lie a ham and cheese sub that’s not even on par with subway is like 15$. My wife and I went to this random restaurant near our hotel on the outer ring and a small cheese pizza, chicken pasta, and small soup was 79$. When we got to Reykjavik we went to this Costco got a large sushi platter and it was like 15$…

  5. bargman

    Fun fact: my mom came to South Korea and I took her to all these awesome barbecue places and she wouldn’t shut up about how good the Costco hot dog was.

    Edit: Hah. This is my most upvoted comment ever. All I had to do was talk about my wacky mom.

  6. The_Possessor

    Really they’re all just related, so it’s actually one big family account.

  7. AdvancedAdvance

    Can you blame Bjork for wanting to get in on that sweet $1.50 hot dog and soda deal??

  8. macsta

    I reckon Iceland probly has more Costco’s than any other nation on earth, on a ‘per capita’ basis.

  9. fahsky

    I live on Hawaii, we have one Costco. People legit drive 3 hours round-trip to it from the opposite side of the island for the deals.

  10. sutkurak

    Nearly 70% of Icelanders know what’s up

  11. eeman0201

    velkomin í costco! Ég elska þig

  12. techjp

    There are four Costcos in my region of Japan, an urban region with a population of 19+million people. That’s nearly 5million potential customers per Costco and every time I go they all seem to be there.

  13. Lopsided_Hat

    Our family have been Costco members for something like 35 years so I grew up with it and went to the 2 original ones. It’s been interesting to see them spread around the world and sell all sorts of items.

    We enjoy seeing how different each Costco is in terms of catering to the area population. For example, the San Francisco area Costcos have tons of rice and special Chinese sausage for the large Asian population whereas Hawaii’s Costco carries cheap, high-quality pineapple. An acquaintance told me that Korea’s Costco has Coach items galore. So what does the Icelandic Costco have that is unique for those who’ve been there and other Costcos? Do they have Kirkland Signature brand too?

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