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Are There Any Private Beaches in Mexico?

When winter is just around the corner and you’re from North America, the closest and probably best choice for a warm getaway would be down south in good old Mexico. But are there any private beaches for your to enjoy?

There are no private beaches in Mexico. As of October 22, 2020 all the beaches are for public access to anyone and everyone. The Federal Government issued this decree in the Official Gazette. Landowners who do not follow will face a hefty fine.

What Law Guarantees Public Access to All Beaches?

Quite recently, the Federal Government of Mexico enacted a law that requires all property owners to allow free public access to their land to reach beaches that do not have access to roads. (Source: ABC News)

This basically means, there are no private beaches at all. Hotels and condominiums situated by the beach will need to allow access through their property. According to the Federal Law, the public cannot be denied access to any space within 65 feet inland from the tide line. All resorts, housings, condominiums, and accommodations that claim to have a private beach are going agains the law. (Source: ABC News)

What Triggered the Government to Create This Law?

In general, locals were not too happy about private establishments placing barriers and employing security to keep people off their beaches. In February of 2020, two Mexican tourists were arrested in the Caribbean Resort in Playa del Carmen after they refused to leave the space that had been supposedly taken by a local restaurant.

This wasn’t the first and only time it an arrest has happened. Soon after, protests started and the local government apologized to the people. (Source: ABC News)

By October 22, 2020 the government issued the law and made all beaches in Mexico free for public use. This has caused a rift between business owners and the government. (Source: Travel Off Path)

Is This Bad for Business?

According to the Environmental Department of Mexico, landowners and private establishments will be compensated for the access given. A definite win-win situation. You have happy locals, and happy businessmen alike. (Source: ABC News)

Is There a Fine for Not Following the Law?

The Federal Government stated that establishments that refuse to follow the said law will be liable to pay up to $48,000 and will face the risk of losing their permit to operate. (Source: Travel Off Path)

How Does This Law Impact Tourism?

Several vacationers have been tricked by some accommodations that say they have private beaches. They create the facade of a secluded space or a private area. By the time these tourists get to Mexico, and realize they have been duped, the overall experience is tainted. (Source: Travel Off Path)

Though there are some establishments that have better options, be reminded that the beaches are open to the public and is free for anyone to use at any point in time. So be prepared for families with children enjoying a day in the sun, loud music, beach vendors, and locals partying. (Source: Travel Off Path)

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