The boycott was named after Charles Boycott, a man so hated that people wanted nothing to do with him

How the Irish invented the boycott after tenants were thrown off their land

Captain Charles Cunningham Boycott, who unwillingly lent his name to history.Vanity Fair / Public Domain

Have you ever wondered where the term “boycott” come from? Many might be surprised it originates from Ireland in the time of Charles Stuart Parnell.

Charles Cunningham Boycott (March 12, 1832 – June 19, 1897) was an English land agent who became infamous after he was ignored and ostracized by his Mayo Irish community in Ireland after treating them very badly.

Their actions gave the English language the verb to boycott.

Boycott was a former army officer and had served in the British Army 39th Regiment, which brought him to Ireland. After retiring from the army, Boycott worked as a land agent for Lord Erne, a major landowne…
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