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Why Don’t We Have Elevator Drivers Anymore?

With technology constantly evolving, we have reached the point where driving can be driverless- a concept the general public seems concerned and unsure about. The arrival of automatic cars has people asking questions like; How safe is it to go driverless? or Would my child be safe alone riding an automatic car? Strangely enough, this isn’t the first time we went driverless. Remember elevator drivers? They’re rarely ever seen nowadays, and have you ever wondered why? Let’s talk about it.

In simpler terms, the invention of elevators that have all the safety features imaginable led to the downfall of Elevator Drivers. With the risks of riding an elevator being removed, the service of elevator drivers is no longer needed.

What Are Elevator Drivers and What Are Their Responsibilities

The job of an Elevator Driver basically involves running the elevator – whether it be with a manually operated elevator and, in rarer cases, automatic elevators. Aside from manning the elevator, some drivers are given the task of helping out visitors find their way,  carry their luggage, and, lastly, engaging in small talk to lighten up the mood. (Source: Zip Recruiter)

Why Did We Need Elevator Drivers Before?

Previous elevator versions were somewhat unsafe. Which, of course, made whoever has to use the machine be wary and uneasy of what they’re going to be using. Back in the day, people would refuse to ride an elevator if no operator was present. They would rather wait for the operator to come back to their post than operate the elevator by themselves. This behavior is the product of fear and anxiety.

To ease the people who wished to ride elevators, having elevator drivers was a must. They provide a  sense of security that someone who knows how to operate a seemingly complex contraption expertly. These hardworking people can also tell when the machine is going smoothly or if something is wrong. Without their presence, people will feel the risks are higher since no one can help them understand how the machine works. (Source: NPR)

Why Did We Stop Having Elevatori Drivers?

As technology kept evolving, so did the features of the elevators. The arrival of automatic elevators that had all the safety features imaginable ultimately led to the downfall of the previously sought-after job of the Elevator Driver. With all the uneasiness and risk factors taken out of the equation, the new elevators quickly replaced the old versions. By this time, the general public was finally able to take it upon themselves to operate the elevator on their own. This eventually led to the Elevator Drivers’ demise.

Today, people no longer fear using the elevators as they have been marketed and proven to have practically zero chances of malfunctioning to the point where they can cause death.

Thanks to innovation and the evolution of technology, we are more self-sufficient. For example, though some establishments still use the services of elevator drivers, most would rather invest in a better elevator than hiring someone to run one. (Source: Inc.)

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