Even though Benjamin Franklin is credited with many popular inventions, he never patented or copyrighted any of them. He believed that they should be given freely and that claiming ownership would only cause trouble and “sour one’s Temper and disturb one’s Quiet.”

Benjamin Franklin Never Sought a Patent or Copyright

It’s fairly common knowledge that Ben Franklin, a member of the Committee of Five responsible for the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, was one of America’s first great entrepreneurs. From an extremely humble background (the youngest son of 17 children of a candle-maker), his businesses and inventions made him the first worldwide celebrity born in the American colonies. He was wealthy enough to retire at age 42 and to devote the rest of his life to scientific and public service endeavors.

Here are some of Franklin’s inventions and discoveries


Lightning Rod

Franklin Stove

Mapping of the Gulf Stream

Properties of Electricity

Swim Fins

Library Chair

Street LIghting

Glass Armonica (mus…
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