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Who is Katie O’Brien?

Thanks to several platforms that encourage writers to create content, fan fiction communities have made quite the mark in the online world. But did you hear about the 13-year old girl who wrote a 365 thousand word fanfiction based on the world of Harry Potter?

Katie O’Brien wrote fanfiction based on the famous Harry Potter series called Anna Grayson and the Order of Merlin. While she was in the hospital receiving treatment for her leukemia. Unfortunately, she passed away six days after completing her work.

Katie O’Brien’s Story

Katie O’Brien started writing her fan fiction series in 2003 while she was receiving treatment for her leukemia. She uploaded her work on Fiction Alley and has gained quite the following.

She finished her work in 2005 and passed away six days after she was done. Her father assisted her while she was writing and went on to publish her work after.

Katie always wanted to be a writer, and she used this forum to fulfill her dreams. Correspondence with those who read and enjoyed her story sustained her even during the worst of times.

Dave O’Brien

In the last part of her series, she structures everything well that her father merely put everything together. (Source: HPANA)

Is Katie O’Brien’s Dad a Writer?

Dave O’Brien has written his own novel entitled Time Expired. After she passed, he also put together Katie’s last book Anna Grayson and the Dragon’s Lair.

The Order of Merlin is dedicated to my beautiful daughter Katie, who worked so hard during her struggles with her health. Sitting alone together in the hospital day after day, night after night, she started this book because of her love for Harry Potter, and to help her take her mind off her many treatments. I am very proud of my daughter, my little red head. Her imagination and courage were the foundation of this work, and the magic that keeps her loving family going. May God hold her in his loving arms until we’re all together again.

Dave O’Brien

(Source: Fan Fiction)

What is the Premise of Katie O’Brien’s Fan Fiction?

Katie O’Brien’s fan fiction is based on JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. It is a story about Anna Grayson, born into a powerful wizarding family in the United States.

Anna was unfortunately born a squib. She then shows astonishing powers that lead her to Castlewood Academy for the Magical Arts and soon realizes that she is a Guardian in The Order of Merlin.

You can read some of her work here. (Source: Harry Potter Fanon)

Did Fiction Ally Create a Scholarship in Her Name?

Katie’s family permitted Fiction Ally to establish a scholarship fund with her name. From wristband sales, the organization was able to raise a thousand dollars. They can be bought here.

Fiction Ally also receives donations from other members and their parents. Each recipient of the scholarship will be given $500 to use towards their education.

So many of us enjoyed reading Katie’s story, and we cried when we learned she had lost her battle. We were honored by the O’Brien family when they agreed to allow us to name the writers’ scholarship after Katie, so her dreams can continue to be part of Fiction Alley forever.

Heidi Tandy, Fiction Alley’s Administrator

(Source: HPANA)

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