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Did Vermont Ambulances Really Keep Maple Syrup in Stock?

The thick sugary liquid we all love with our pancakes, waffles, or french toast is not only a great breakfast treat but they are also helpful for sticky situations. In fact, Emergency Medical Technicians keep them handy.

EMTs in Vermont actually keep a supply of maple syrup in their ambulances. These are used for oral glucose administration. They are packed in one-ounce packets ready for single use.

Is Maple Syrup a Nature’s Medicine?

According to research conducted by Navindra Seeram, maple syrup in its pure form has a plethora of benefits. Seeram was able to find out that there are more than 20 compounds in maple syrup that are beneficial to human health. Thirteen of these compounds are solely found in the syrup, and eight were discovered for the first time. Most of the compounds found are anti-oxidants. They are known to have anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, and anti-bacterial properties too.

Before the study Seeram carried out, the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers were already well aware of the presence of zinc, calcium, and thiamine. With Seeram’s research, they unlocked the potential maple syrup actually had. The federation awarded Seeram with a $115,000 gran to help with further research on agricultural food in Canada.

We are proud that our producers are generously supporting this research, bringing to light a greater understanding of the gastronomic and health benefits of maple products. It is not just for Canada, but for the welfare of consumers around the world.

Serge Beaulieu

At this point, the federation was glad to know that maple syrup was just more than sugar and calories. It was definitely a breakthrough.

Recent research findings, such as those by Dr. Seeram, reveal a whole array of bioactive compounds that promise to offer many health benefits. Our journey to understanding these benefits has just begun.

Geneviève Béland

(Source: Science Daily)

Why Did Vermont EMT’s Carry Maple Syrup with Them?

The EMTs at Green Mountain State have been carrying small amounts of maple syrup since 2014. They were allowed to administer pure Vermont-labelled maple syrup to patients who had low blood sugar. Soon after, other rescue organizations through Vermont have followed their example and kept stock of maple syrup on hand.

If you’re wondering how they are stored, they didn’t keep a huge jar in the vehicle. That would be messy and very unsanitary. Instead, other organizations made an effort to re-packed Slopeside Syrup into one-ounce packets through the UnTapped brand. In 2013, these packets were given to athletes who needed to keep up their energy levels. (Source: Burlington Free Press)

How Effective is Maple Syrup?

The packet of maple syrup essentially replaced oral glucose tubes that were usually bought from medical supply stores. Joe Gannon, the supply coordinator of Richmond Rescue, described the taste of the glucose tube as sugar mixed with wallpaper paste.

It’s really not very pleasant-tasting. It can be hard to persuade someone who needs sugar, who is hypoglycemic, to actually swallow the whole thing. From an ambulance point of view, what could be better than having, effectively, a medication that is right from Vermont, right from where you are? It makes us proud, really, to have Vermont maple syrup on the truck.

Joe Gannon

The maple syrup did not only taste good; in terms of price, they were exponentially cheaper. (Source: Burlington Free Press)



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