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Why Did The Producers Change the Name of the Film John Wick?

Can you picture your favorite film franchise being called something different? That was the case with John Wick. Let us find out why the producers changed the title.

The famous movie franchise John Wick was initially entitled “Scorn.” Keanu Reeves kept forgetting the title of the movie, so they changed it to John Wick instead.

The Origin of John Wick

Contrary to popular belief, the John Wick universe is not within the multiverses of both Marvel and DC. Unlike Keanu Reeves’ John Constantine movie, which was part of the DC multiverse, John Wick’s universe is stand-alone. (Source: Cheat Sheet)

Derek Kolstad created the John Wick universe. Kolstad is an American screenwriter credited for creating John Wick. Kolstad wrote all three John Wick movies. Before the Wick franchise, Kolstad wrote several action-adventure scripts like Acolyte, One in the Chamber, and The Package. (Source: People Pill)

Kolstad initially wrote the John Wick script with the title Scorn, but Reeves suggested that the film be titled John Wick, Kolstad’s grandfather. The title was eventually dropped because Reeves kept on referring to the movie as John Wick in interviews.

Kolstad also claims that the title change was well-received. He emphasized that Reeves’ inadvertent marketing of the film as John Wick was a true testament of good branding. (Source: Independent)

Wick’s Story

Unlike many other action films with uncomplicated stories, assassin John Wick’s biography is revealed in small pieces, forcing the viewer to engage more than simply the epic battles on screen.

Wick was a skilled and prolific assassin who acquired the nickname The Boogeyman for his assassination abilities. We don’t learn much about Wick’s early life and upbringing until the third chapter of the John Wick franchise, and even then, most of it is coded in ciphers and symbolism from which spectators might infer his biography.

He was orphaned as a youngster in Belarus and adopted by the Ruska Roma, an ethnic group and a criminal gang. He then began training him as an assassin at the Director’s performing arts institute in New York City.

It’s unclear when he changed his name to John Wick, as Jardani translates to John in Romany, and Wick is the phonetic pronunciation of the last four letters of his birth name.

After leaving the Ruska Roma, Wick joined the fictitious Tarasov Mob as one of its top enforcers for its leader, Viggo Tarasov. During this time, Wick formed numerous contacts with members of the High Table, the leading body of this mafia underworld, with delegates from each controlling mob family having a representative there.

Soon after, Wick falls in love and wants out of the assassin game. Tarasov initially laughs at him when he approaches him about retiring. However, once Viggo understands John is serious, he seizes the opportunity to exploit Wick’s new vulnerability. Tarasov assigns Wick the duty of assassinating all of his rival leaders in one night. Given that the Tarasov family does not currently hold a seat at the High Table, it is probable that this was an attempt to demonstrate strength and win one.

Wick complies and gets his freedom to live a normal life with his wife, Helen. However, Helen dies after battling cancer. Before she does, she leaves Wick, a puppy named Daisy, to be Wick’s constant companion.

We all know what happened after that. Wick was out for revenge. Wick comes back in the game and exacts vengeance on those who killed his dog. (Source: Looper)

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