Meet “Latchkey Incontinence” – a phenomenon where the urge to urinate gets stronger the closer you are to a bathroom. One example would be when you put your key in your front door when returning home from work.

Why Do I Feel Like I’m Most Gonna Piss Myself When I’m Inches Away from the Toilet?

It’s an all-too-common feeling: You’ve left work, run some errands and ordered Postmates for dinner from the convenience of your car. You think you’ve got everything under control (the contents of your bladder most of all), but once you exit your vehicle and insert your key into the front door of your place, all is lost: You’re about to piss yourself.

Why does the bladder seem to blow the moment you arrive home — or if not then, the moment you reach the bathroom?

Two words: “Latchkey incontinence.” No joke, it was the actual terminology used in an actual study of patients with overactive bladders. The study’s researchers defined it as “a loss of urine that occurs when one arrives home and puts the key in the lock of one’s front door… Continue Reading