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How Did Dan Harmon Find Out He Had Asperger’s Syndrome?

Dan Harmon, the writer and producer of shows like Rick and Morty, and Community has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. But what triggered him to get himself checked?

The creator of the hit TV series; Community discovered he had Asperger’s Syndrome while he was writing about the character Abed. He consulted a doctor, who later confirmed that he was indeed within the spectrum.

Who is Dan Harmon?

Daniel James Harmon was born on January 3, 1973, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He graduated from Brown Deer High School and continued his education at Marquette University. He did attend a community college in Glendale, California, for a while. His first-hand experience at Glendale Community College was the basis of his sitcom, Community.

Harmon started his career in 1996 when he worked alongside Rob Schrab at ComedySportz. He frequently appeared in Milwaukee’s Safehouse free comedy stage and was noted for his song about masturbation. He then co-created a TV pilot called Heat Vision and Jack and several Channel 101 shows. Some of which featured Hollywood stars like Owen Wilson, Jack Black, Drew Carey, and Sarah Silverman. (Source: IMDB)

How Long Did the Show Community Run?

In 2009, Harmon created Community. The show was based on his own community college experience. NBC picked up the show and included it in their fall line-up. Harmon serves as the executive producer and showrunner until May 18, 2012. He was removed from the show due to creative conflicts with Sony executives.

On June 1, 2013, Harmon announced that he would be returning to the show alongside Chris McKenna. Sony confirmed the announcement by June 10. A year later, NBC canceled the show after the fifth season, but Yahoo had renewed the series for a sixth and final season. (Source: IMDB)

What Made Dan Harmon Think There Was Something Different About Himself?

While Harmon was creating the Community character Abed Gubi Nadir he realized through extensive research that he too might have Asperger’s Syndrome. This pushed him to go get himself evaluated by a professional. The doctor he consulted with concluded that he was indeed within the Autism Spectrum.

I know I’m not normal, but I think the important thing is that I started to discover that I had a lot more in common with Abed than I did with Jeff

Dan Harmon

In the show, Abed is a straightforward character. He lacked social skills but was very in tune with American pop culture despite having a Palestinian father and a Polish-American mother. Jeff, another character in the show, declared that he had Asperger’s Syndrome during the pilot episode.

Abed is unable to pick up emotional cues and sarcasm in regular conversations, and his approach to his friends is more analytical. Although he is able to feel sympathy towards others, he is indeed quite peculiar. (Source: Vulture)

What Does Dan Harmon Do Today?

Harmon is very active in the industry. He continues to write and produce shows. He is currently still working on Ricky and Morty. He is presently engaged to Cody Heller. (Source: IMDB)

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