A scientist stationed in Antarctica managed to score a date through Tinder with a girl camping just 45 minutes away.

Tinder Makes Its First Match in Antarctica

The dating app makes looking for warm hearts in a cold climate a whole lot easier

Once it was just lonely penguins getting lucky in Antarctica, but now a scientist has proved that Tinder works in the tundra.

The geolocation-based dating app, reportedly popular among Olympic athletes in Sochi, made a match for a lonely researcher working amid the ice floes in Antarctica.

The scientist, who chose to remain anonymous lest his broadband privileges at the U.S.-funded McMurdo Station be revoked, claims that he logged on to the app “for fun” one lonely night.

He had previously been using Tinder in the States. And once embedded on Antarctica’s Ross Island, his scientist’s drive for discovery kicked in and he fired up the app. At fir… Continue Reading

Source: https://people.com/celebrity/tinder-makes-first-love-match-in-antarctica/