There is a man who has been visiting the same fish for almost 30 years that comes to him whenever he dives in the ocean.

Fish Comes To Visit Japanese Diver Friend At Underwater Shrine For 30 Years

You may remember Hasama Underwater Park, a praised diving spot in Japan that houses an underwater Shinto shrine (a specially opened extension of the Susaki Shrine) that boasts whale sharks, sunfish, and other exotic marine wildlife that swirl around the sunken torii gate–as well as a spot to drink coffee underwater. One diver, Hiroyuki Arakawa, entrusted with maintenance and care taking of the shrine, has a particularly special relationship with the fish down there, however. He’s been rendezvousing with his fish friend Yoriko, an Asian sheepshead wrasse, for the past 25 years!

A standard greeting between Arakawa and Yoriko

Arakawa’s chance meeting with the ailing Yoriko, who was too weak to eat on her own, has blossomed into a touc… Continue Reading