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Why Do Dogs Shed?

Just like how dead skin cells fall off our bodies, shedding is a natural function for dogs. This is their way of getting rid of old hair from their undercoat, and it is also essential for their skin’s health. Shedding happens when the older fur is pushed out so that their undercoat can grow. Dogs …

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Dog Days of Summer

What Are Dog Days of Summer?

When you hear Dog Days of Summer the first thing that might have popped into your head is an image of dogs laying out in the summer sun. Although, it may imply that now – originally, it didn’t have anything to do with actual dogs. The phrase Dog Days of Summer used by ancient Greeks …

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Can Geese Replace Guard Dogs?

Have you ever heard of the concept of a guard goose? Their intelligence and instinctively aggressive behavior have long been acknowledged as the perfect skills for a guard animal. Some might even say that they’re better guard animals than dogs!  Geese have always had the job as guard animals, even way back 390 BC. They’re …

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