Conoce a Caspar, un gato que en 2006 desapareció de su casa. No fue sino hasta 2009 que su dueño se enteró de que viajaba regularmente en autobús. Los conductores le dijeron que él cortésmente haría cola con otros pasajeros en la parada del autobús, y cuando llegaba un autobús que le gustaba, se subía y buscaba su asiento favorito.

Casper (gato)

Para otros usos, consulte Casper (desambiguación).

Casper (c. 1997 - 14 de enero de 2010) era un gato doméstico macho que atrajo la atención de los medios de comunicación en todo el mundo en 2009 cuando se informó que era un pasajero habitual de autobús en Plymouth en Devon, Inglaterra. Apareció en BBC News, fue objeto de un editorial de periódico en The Guardian y escribió un libro sobre él, Casper the Commuting Cat. Casper murió el 14 de enero de 2010 tras ser atropellado por un taxi.


Casper fue adoptado en un centro de rescate de animales en Weymouth, Dorset en 2002 por Susan Finden, una trabajadora de la salud de 48 años. Llevaba unos diez meses en el centro y los propietarios lo llamaban Morse, en honor al inspector Morse, un programa de televisión que estaban viendo cuando llegó. Pero un ... Continuar leyendo (lectura de 4 minutos)

8 thoughts on “Meet Caspar, a cat who in 2006 disappeared from his home. It was not until 2009 that his owner found out he was a regular bus commuter. Drivers told her he would politely queue with other passengers at the bus stop, and when a bus came that he liked, he got on and found his favourite seat.”

  1. ApocalypseNahh

    The bus company, First Devon & Cornwall, adorned the side of some of their buses with a huge picture of Casper, and said they had no intention of charging Casper a bus fare. Public-relations manager, Karen Baxter said: “In cat years he’s an OAP so he’d get a free bus pass anyway.”

    In 2010 Casper was hit by a taxi, which did not stop to help him. He died of his injuries before Finden could get him to a vet. News of the accident spread quickly around the world, with some newspapers calling it a hit and run.

    **EDIT- should clarify that Casper would disappear during the day whilst his owner was at work- he didn’t go missing, per se. Couldn’t fit that info in cos of the character count; apologies for any confusion!**

  2. Rad_Carrot

    * Casper

    He didn’t disappear from his home, he would just regularly get on buses and ride them around the city, getting off at the stop opposite his owner’s house. He did all this while the owner was working, she just didn’t find out for a few years.

    His death is sad, but for a cat that loved to play in traffic, making it to 13 isn’t a bad run by any means.

  3. Longelance

    In the 50′ ies there was a cat in Copenhagen that regularly flew to a nearby airport in neighbouring Sweden where he apparently had a girlfriend. The pilots knew about it, accepted it and never found out how the cat found the right planes. But the cat sniffed a lot to the luggage and cargo at the tarmac before entering the cargo hold of the right plane….what a cat…!

  4. JWWBurger

    >Casper died on 14 January 2010 after being hit by a taxi.

    Public transportation was Caspar’s life, public transportation was Caspar’s death.

  5. shadowwraith69

    This made me happy until i read the ending. Now i have the big sads. I must go let my cat know that i love him

  6. chacham2

    Casper the friendly cat, the friendliest cat i know.

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