Si muele una esponja marina a través de un colador en agua salada, se reorganizará y volverá a ser una esponja. Es el único animal que conocemos que puede hacer eso.

La forma de la vida | Esponjas: lapso de tiempo de recombinación de células esponjosas

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Las esponjas son los únicos animales que, si se descomponen al nivel de sus células, pueden volver a ensamblarse. Se pasa una esponja a través de un tamiz para romper sus células. Las células se reconocen entre sí y se transforman en pequeñas esponjas nuevas.

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12 thoughts on “If you grind a marine sponge through a sieve into salt water, it’ll reorganize itself back into a sponge. It’s the only animal that we know of that can do that.”

  1. PlinyTheSame

    How many animals have we done this to?!

  2. MovingInStereoscope

    So if you pushed two through the same sieve, would they recombine into their original selves or would they mix and be amalgamations of each other?

  3. JoseGasparJr

    If you cut off an arm of starfish, not only will the starfish grow that arm back, but another starfish will grow out of that severed arm.

    Aquatic life is weird, man.

  4. nullcharstring

    A Caterpillar changing to butterfly comes pretty close. The caterpillar essentially digests itself, turning into a goop along with a few special cells that guide the process of reconstruction back to a butterfly.

  5. dpstexas1211

    Thank God it doesn’t have a nervous system ffs

  6. Puterlickia

    That’s exactly the type of tenacity I would expect from Spongebob.

  7. Watzamata-U

    I swear to god Jim you have to stop this! The cat died! The dog died! The ostrich isn’t going to reorganize itself either!

  8. alilhedonish

    so now we’re just grinding animals through sieves to see what happens??

  9. JeemsLeeZ

    Can’t blame aliens for anally probing us now can we?

  10. shoeblade

    **Zapp Brannigan**: Men, you’re lucky men. Soon you’ll all be fighting for your planet. Many of you will be dying for your planet. A few of you will be forced through a fine mesh screen for your planet. They’ll be the luckiest of all.
    **Bender**: Great. We’re gonna die.
    **Fry**: And this ham gum is all bones!

  11. bwoahhonestlyblessed

    What sick mind has done all the testing to come to this conclusion?

    “Test #3357 it appears as though the Orangutan (Pongo Pygmaeus) does _not_ reorganize itself when grinded to a fine sieve into salt water, thereby making the marine sponge the _only_ organism to exhibit such behaviour…”

  12. canuckbuck2020

    What kind of a psychopath discovered that?

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