Buzz Aldrin, de tweede man op de maan, berekende eigenhandig een orbitale techniek genaamd "Mars Cycling" waarmee ruimtevaartuigen voortdurend tussen de aarde en Mars kunnen reizen met slechts een enkele initiële boost. De bemanning zou aan boord gaan en terugkeren via een secundair ruimtevaartuig om brandstof te besparen.


Buzz Aldrin, ontdekker van de Aldrin-fietser

Een Mars-cycler (of Earth-Mars-cycler) is een soort baan van een ruimtevaartuig dat regelmatig de aarde en Mars ontmoet. De term Mars-cycler kan ook verwijzen naar een ruimtevaartuig op een Mars-cycler-traject. De Aldrin-cycler is een voorbeeld van een Mars-cycler.

Fietsers zijn mogelijk nuttig voor het vervoeren van mensen of materialen tussen die lichamen met minimaal drijfgas (afhankelijk van zwaartekracht-assistentie voor de meeste baanveranderingen), en kunnen zware stralingsafscherming dragen om mensen op het transport te beschermen tegen kosmische straling en zonnestormen.


Een fietser is een traject dat regelmatig twee of meer lichamen tegenkomt. Als de baan eenmaal tot stand is gebracht, is er geen voortstuwing nodig om tussen ... Verder lezen (7 minuten lezen)

13 thoughts on “Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, singlehandedly calculated an orbital technique called “Mars Cycling” which would allow for spacecraft to perpetually travel between Earth and Mars with only a single initial boost. Crew would board and return via a secondary spacecraft, saving fuel.”

  1. Baulderdash77

    The Aldrin Cycle mothership spacecraft is still seen as the most efficient way to transport material to and from Mars. It’s quite an innovative concept.

    It would also work between Earth and the Moon

  2. nuherman136

    Apparently Aldrin had a reputation around NASA and other astronauts for being cocky. But he also had a reputation for being able to back up his attitude with his skills

  3. HoboGir

    He played Kerbal Space Program and travelled back to the past to tell himself how to do it.

  4. not_that_observant

    I met Buzz Aldrin 30 years ago. I think it was at the national air and space museum in DC. I remember looking at his name tag and saying, “pffft, your name isn’t really Buzz.” He said “Yeah it is,” or something to that effect. I walked away thinking he was an idiot.

    Years later I remembered the event, and realized it was I, in fact, who was the idiot.

  5. CandleShitter

    Give a guy credit when due, but Buzz only theorized it was possible from how it reads. Previous work was done 15 years earlier by someone else laying groundwork for this theory with Venus. Then according to this link he didn’t proof it, Jet Propulsion Laboratories did. I think what Buzz really did was use his status to give credibility to the idea, equally important though. The science community kind of infuriates me because as much as they are open to discovery, any ideas that are too “extreme” are laughed at. They (general term for scientists) love to criticize other scientists on more fringe topics… I experience it pretty regularly on a smaller scale. They won’t believe you til you prove it, but you can’t prove it because nobody believes you (to get funding or support ).

  6. katchaa

    Avenue 5 has taught me that they could also change course by expelling all the poo.

  7. Lunarcy54

    Someone’s been watching Scott Manley recently…

  8. blorpblorpbloop

    I too invented “mars cycling” but it involves me biking to lose weight but then consuming mars bars and perpetually staying at the same weight.

  9. king-schultz

    It’s actually called the Rich Purnell maneuver.

  10. OG_Squeekz

    I love how every article has to clarify, “Buzz was the SECOND man on the moon.” Not to he confused with that total Chad Armstrong who strong armed that beta buzz out the way to be the FIRST man in the moon.

  11. RX3000

    He was nicknamed “Dr. Rendevouz” for a reason. His doctorate is in orbital mechanics. He wasnt just a pretty face, he was a smart guy at NASA…..

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