Однажды Фрэнк Синатра-младший был похищен. Его похитители потребовали, чтобы все переговоры велись по таксофону. Во время этих разговоров Фрэнк-старший забеспокоился, что у него не хватит монет, чтобы продолжать говорить, из-за чего он всю оставшуюся жизнь носил в кармане 10 центов.

Фрэнк Синатра младший

Синатра был похищен в возрасте 19 лет 8 декабря 1963 года на озере Харрахс Лейк Тахо (комната 417). Он был освобожден через два дня после того, как его отец заплатил выкуп в размере 240,000 2,000,000 долларов, который потребовали похитители (эквивалент 2019 XNUMX XNUMX долларов в XNUMX году). Барри Кинан, Джонни Ирвин и Джо Амслер были вскоре схвачены, привлечены к уголовной ответственности за похищение, осуждены и приговорены к длительным срокам тюремного заключения, из которых они отбывали лишь небольшие части. Позже вдохновитель Кинан был признан невменяемым на момент совершения преступления и, следовательно, не несёт юридической ответственности за свои действия. Ирвина представляла знаменитый поверенный Глэдис Рут.

Похитители потребовали, чтобы все общение велось по телефону-автомату. Во время этих разговоров Фрэнк-старший забеспокоился, что он не… Продолжить чтение (чтение 6 минуты)

15 thoughts on “Frank Sinatra Jr. was once kidnapped. His captors demanded all negotiations be conducted by payphone. During these conversations, Frank Sr. became concerned he wouldn’t have enough coins to keep talking, prompting him to carry 10 dimes in his pocket for the rest of his life.”

  1. Jingocat

    I heard he kept a whole roll of dimes so he would be less likely to bust his knuckles in a dust-up.

  2. seemonkey

    There is a This American Life podcast about this kidnapping. The best part is the kidnapper at one point told Sinatra to wait for his call at a pay phone at an out of the way gas station. The kidnapper kept calling and asking for Frank Sinatra (about the most famous person in America then), and the guy who worked there was getting pretty pissed about the repeated crank calls. I can only imagine the guy’s face when a car pulled up, Sinatra jumped out and screamed “WAS THERE A CALL FOR ME?????”

  3. jizzbasket

    Man, he’d be screwed now. That would get him like thirty seconds.

  4. марморсет

    My wife and I saw Frank Sinatra, Jr. in concert years ago. He never once said “father” or “dad,” it was “the old man” (not even *my* old man) or “Mr. Sinatra.” It was a decent show, but I thought there was a palpable animosity that made me uncomfortable. Every song was introduced by talking about his father, it’s as if he didn’t exist on his own. Frank Sinatra, Jr. didn’t even seem happy to be performing.

    We saw Liza Minelli around the same time and she was fantastic. She talked about her family affectionately but most of the time it was just her. Hearing “New York, New York” sung by her live was pretty amazing. I don’t know what she’s like in person, but when she was on stage she filled the theater with her personality.

  5. lazyant

    In movies these calls are so unrealistic with the instructions. Kidnappers are like “take exit 45 on the I-65, seven miles down there’s a gas station, turn right then left at the bridge, leave money in the trash can at the end of it. You have 30 minutes, bye.” In real life people would be like “sorry, I take what highway now?”

  6. Kenesaw_Mt_Landis

    If you are interested in this, there’s a This American Life where they interview a kidnapper (a sometimes successful business man)

  7. 3Dartwork

    He carried dimes the rest of his life in case anyone else was kidnapped?

  8. m_Pony

    “And the operator says Forty Cents more
    для следующего

  9. king063

    Kind of similar story:

    The cult “Heaven’s Gate” were famous for all committing suicide together in order to join the aliens or something. They were notably all found wearing a tracksuit.

    They also all had exactly $5.75 in their pocket. It was a requirement of the cult. They all would go door to door evangelizing and they carried $5 for a cab and three quarters for a pay phone in case they were stranded.

    It’s just odd that they did this when they died too.

  10. klsi832

    “Is that a roll of dimes in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

    “A roll of dimes. My boner is much bigger than a roll of dimes and your face sucks anyway.”

  11. wes00mertes


    Also can you imagine if the dimes came up in conversation?

    “Mr. Sinatra your pockets sure do jingle a lot!”

    “Well sonny that’s because of the 10 dimes I always keep in them!”

    “Why do you always have 10 dimes sir?”

    “Well of course in case there’s a kidnapping situation and the kidnappers only communicate through pay phones and I need to keep paying to keep talking to them until we can negotiate ransom!”

    “Oh. Ok.”

  12. yayayaiamlorde69

    The beginning of the god father with Frankie is based off of frank

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