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Did Cats Domesticate Themselves?

The companionship between humans and cats has existed for countless centuries. From ancient Egyptians and royal families until now, cats have always been treated as adored household pets, but how did they even become domesticated family pets? Cats domesticated themselves by catching rodents and pests for the farming communities in the earliest civilizations that practiced …

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What Are Distillery Cats?

The human and cat relationship started from a mutually beneficial arrangement in early farming communities wherein cats protected the crops of humans by catching rodents; in turn, humans provided cats with a full tummy and a cozy place to stay.  Distilleries employ and care for cats to eliminate their pest problem as for more than …

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What Does It Mean When Tomcats Have Puffy Cheeks?

If you’re a cat person, you’d definitely appreciate extra fluffy ones. But did you ever notice how stray cats develop more prominent and puffier cheeks? Male cats that are not neutered tend to develop larger cheeks or jowls. This is often triggered by increased testosterone and is thought to be a sign of their masculinity. …

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