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How Do Crocodiles Lure Birds?

While containing many distinguishable physical characteristics, both crocodiles and alligators possess a similar, yet rare, hunting predatory behavior that allows them to fool nest-building birds. In a 2013 study, researchers found that the Crocodylus palustris and the Alligator mississipiensis use tools to capture their prey.  Crocodiles and alligators lure birds by stacking and balancing twigs …

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Did Humans Come From Reptiles?

Many experts debate the development and evolution of hair, feathers, and scales. To contrast against the idea, a paper written by Nicolas Di Poï and Michel C. Milinkovitch proposed the linkage of all three skin appendages, explaining the common ancestry of amniotes.  In a 2016 study, researchers have suggested that mammals, birds, and reptiles share …

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How Big Are Velociraptors?

The sickle-clawed dinosaur that once inhabited central and eastern Asia 99 million years ago has gained popularity after being highlighted in the Jurassic World Movie series. But did you know their size in the movie was fictional? Real Velociraptors are actually significantly smaller than what we think. In the Jurassic World movie, the velociraptors measure …

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Why Do Alligators Keep Their Eggs in Their Mouths?

Alligators are good moms, which is surprising as you can’t say the same for most reptiles. From the moment the mother lays her eggs to the time the former hatchlings leave their mother, the mother alligator always prioritizes the protection and nourishment of her babies.  Mother alligators keep their eggs in their mouth to open …

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