Blondie的歌曲“ Rapture”(1981年)是第一支在美国Billboard Hot 100榜上排名第一的说唱音乐。Blondie的主唱Debbie Harry说过很多说唱歌手,包括Wu-Tang Clan和Mobb Deep告诉她,这是他们听过的第一首说唱歌曲。


“ Rapture”是美国流行/摇滚乐队Blondie的第五张录音室专辑Autoamerican(1980)的歌曲。

1981年100月,“ Rapture”作为专辑的第二张也是最后一张发行。 这首歌成为他们的第四首也是最后一首,在美国Billboard Hot XNUMX排行榜上排名第一,并持续了两个星期。 这是美国第一首以说唱演唱为特色的歌曲。 这首歌在澳大利亚排名第四,在英国排名第五。



音乐录影带于31年1981月XNUMX日在Solid Gold上在美国电视上首次亮相,不仅成为有史以来第一部说唱录像带…… 继续阅读(5分钟阅读)

12 thoughts on “The song ‘Rapture’ by Blondie (1981) was the first single featuring a rap to reach number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. Debbie Harry, lead singer of Blondie, has said many rappers, including the Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep, told her it was the first rap song they ever heard.”

  1. SuperCat_

    also had some early rappers/DJs in the music video, can’t remember exactly but I think Grandmaster Flash was in it

    EDIT: it’s Fab Five Freddy, Flash was supposed to be in it but was replaced by Basquiat apparently

  2. fujfuj

    “And you don’t stop, sure shot, go out to the parking lot…”

  3. attaboy_stampy

    lol that is a rap

    I haven’t heard that song in like 20 years or more, but I can still remember the lyrics about the alien showing up to shoot you dead then eat your head then the man from mars goes and eats cars then when no more cars he eats the bars “where the people meet.”

  4. StepYaGameUp

    I mean the lyrics are weak but the beat is a banger

  5. RetArmy

    First rap song goes to,……Wait for it…….The CDB, Devil went down to Georgia.

  6. KitBitSit

    I remember this from a documentary on rap, *The Evolution of Hip Hop,* also the collaboration between Aerosmith and Run DMC, on *Walk this Way* as a start to introducing rap to white audiences.

    Apparently, the popular *Rapper’s Delight* wasn’t considered serious rap by rappers of the day.

  7. StarMoonSun66

    Rapper’s Delight was 1979 but only went to #4

  8. amh_library

    TIL “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith only made it to the top 10. I thought for sure it reached no. 1.

  9. prettyfly4aporkpie

    Even listening to it today, that’s a fukkin weird song

  10. ebernal13

    And it was called “flash” in the early days. Great song.