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Who Coined the Acronym “EGOT”?

The EGOT is the achievement of having won all four of the major American entertainment awards, namely, an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. Major names in the film industry make acquiring an EGOT their life goal. But who started the trend and coined the term for this? 

Philip Michael Thomas, who is famously known for his portrayal of Detective Rico Tubbs in the 80s TV show Miami Vice, coined the acronym. He specifically said that he wanted to earn the “EGOT” for his work.

How Popular was Philip Michael Thomas?

Miami Vice was a popular TV series that aired in 1984. It follows the story of two undercover cops, Sonny Crockett, played by Don Johnson, and Rico Tubbs, played by Philip Michael Thomas. It was an instant success due to its style and tone, showcasing Miami’s glamorous side as well as its dark and shady elements.

Though the show only had five seasons, it reimagined how TV shows could be styled. It heavily influenced the future of TV shows and movies with its unique style seen in the characters’ outfits, their vehicles, and even the choice of music.

Thomas was already a seasoned performer before being cast in the hit series. His career started in 1971 when he debuted on Broadway. Before his stint with Miami Vice, he appeared in many TV shows, but the show catapulted his career to greater heights. With the show’s success, the Ohio-born actor saw it as a great stepping stone for his career as an artist. (Source: Screen Rant)

With his experience in theater, as a musician, and now as a TV actor, Thomas set his ambition high. He wanted to win all four awards, the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, coining it EGOT. The artist wanted to earn all of these within five years. But unfortunately, he wasn’t able to do so. (Source: Cheat Sheet)

What Does Philip Michael Thomas Do Now?

After Miami Vice ended, Thomas did a few appearances in TV and minor films while working on his music. His last memorable public appearance was as the spokesperson of the Psychic Readers’ Network. (Source: Cheat Sheet)

Thomas also became the voice-over of Grand Theft Auto, a popular video game. Thomas has completely retired from acting and the music scene. He is now an advocate of healthy living, sharing his passion for wellness and living an active lifestyle, consistently exercising and engaging in different sports. (Source: Apost)

Which Celebrities Achieved the “EGOT”?

Even though Thomas didn’t fulfill his ambition of earning the EGOT, other artists have. Today, there are only sixteen artists who have achieved the most coveted award achievement. Here are two.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg completed her EGOT in 2002.

  • Emmy for Outstanding Special class special on her work on Beyond Tara: The Extraordinary Life of Hattie McDaniel.
  • Grammy in 1985 for Best Comedy Recording for her work on Whoopi Goldberg – Original Broadway Show Recording
  • Oscar for Best Supporting Role in Ghost in 1991
  • Tony in 2002 for Best Musical in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

John Legend

John Legend is the newest member of the EGOT club, completing the grand slam in 2018.

  • Emmy for Outstanding variety special for Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert
  • Grammy in 2006 for Best New Artist
  • Oscar for Best Original Song in 2015 for Glory
  • Tony in 2017 for Best Revival of a Play of Jitney

(Source: Insider)

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