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Why Did the Octomom’s Fertility Doctor Have his License Revoked?

In 2009, the Octomom case was gaining traction all over the media. A single mother was implanted with 12 embryos and gave birth to eight of them. They are currently the world’s oldest surviving octuplets. Her fertility doctor’s license was eventually revoked because of this, but what exactly happened?

The Medical Board of California determined that suspending Dr. Michael Kamrava’s license was essential to safeguard the public. The revocation became effective on July 1, 2011. Nadya Suleman, then 33, was implanted with 12 embryos by the Beverly Hills fertility clinic.

Why Did The Medical Board Come Up with That Decision?

According to a resolution made public, the state medical board has canceled the license of the fertility specialist who assisted the Octomom Nadya Suleman in becoming the mother of 14 children through repeated in vitro procedures.

Suleman, who was then 33, was implanted with 12 embryos by the Beverly Hills fertility clinic prior to the pregnancy that resulted in her octuplets. It was more than six times the average for a lady her age.

According to the board, that was a mistake since it rejected an earlier suggestion to give Kamrava five years of probation instead of the stiffer sentence.

While the evidence did not show Kamrava as a maverick or deviant physician, indifferent to norms of care in IVF treatment, it did reveal that he did not exercise sound judgment in the transfer of twelve embryos to Suleman.

The Medical Board of California

Kamrava stated during his day in court, with an emotional apology, that he implanted Suleman with 12 embryos because she insisted on it. She agreed to fetal reduction if too many of the fetuses were viable.

The state also found that Kamrava was negligent in the care of two other patients. Which was a major factor in the decision to revoke his license. Kamrava was found to have implanted seven embryos in a 48-year-old patient, resulting in quadruplets. One fetus died before birth.

According to Jennifer Simoes, a medical board spokeswoman, Kamrava might petition the board to review the revocation, but it’s doubtful that would impact the conclusion because the board elected to make its own decision on Kamrava’s license rather than accept a proposed decision. Kamrava has three years from the date of revocation to file a petition for reinstatement. (Source: CBS News

How are the Octuplets and Their Mother?

When Suleman’s octuplets were born in January 2009, the medical profession and the general public were perplexed as to how a doctor could have placed that many embryos in a patient and how the infants were brought to premature delivery.

Suleman’s octuplets are still the world’s longest-surviving set. When they were born, the jobless single mother already had six children, all of whom were created using Kamrava’s treatments, and was living with her mother in a small house that was about to be foreclosed on. 

There has been a lot of controversy about Suleman’s choices for herself and her children. She’s been called highly irresponsible, selfish, and crazy since she already had six children, to begin with, and giving birth to another eight while trying to raise them all as a single mother seems quite peculiar. She and her family are currently trying to stay out of the spotlight. In 2018, she interviewed for the New York Times and stated that she works as a counselor and therapist for those who have alcohol and drug addiction. (Source: CBS News

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