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What was ForgetMeNot’s Power?

Anyone who’s seen the movies, animation, or even comics of the X-men would be familiar with characters like Wolverine, Cyclops, and Storm, but there’s one mutant who has been in the storyline for a while but was quite unnoticeable?

ForgetMeNot has the power of imperceptibility which means he is incapable of being perceived or remembered by virtually anyone. When ForgetMeNot is not directly within view of an individual, his presence, existence, and memories disappear entirely.

ForgetMeNot Mutant Life

ForgetMeNot has been a member of the X-Men for over six years, likely joining before M-Day. However, due to the nature of his powers, he went unnoticed by his peers and remained absent from official rosters. Professor X placed a psychic reminder in his mind to force him to remember ForgetMeNot’s existence once every hour. 

Among the X-Men, he battled the Brood, relocated to Utopia, was a soldier during the Age of X, and saved the situations for the X-Men countless times, acting as some Deux ex-Machina for them against the Brood or a Supersentinel, for example.

When Professor X was murdered, ForgetMeNot memorialized him. As he had lost his permanent connection with others, he became severely depressed. To remove his powers, ForgetMeNot sought out Omega and Mimic. ForgetMeNot asked Omega to drain him of his powers but decided not to go forward with the process when he realized that he could still do good in the world without being noticed.

X-Force kidnaps ForgetMeNot as part of an attempt to counter the ongoing surveillance, but he repeatedly flees them as they fail to explain the plan to him. Though he eventually agrees to the project, he is shot and killed by Fantomex to get the surveillance drone to forget him permanently. The maintenance bots rescue him under the direction of MeMe, and he is later found by Hope, to whom he explains that MeMe is dying. He helps MeMe show Hope X-Force’s many crimes. When she sinks back into her coma, Forgetmenot allows her to copy the powers of those around her to rebuke them for their crimes and attempt to ready them to combat Fantomex. He teleports Fantomex to Hope and helps her steal his powers. (Source: CBR

What is ForgetMeNot’s Weakness?

After becoming imperceptible, he left people with memory absences that Psylocke eventually perceived. As he still exists, his actions on things can be perceived, such as his use of supplies and toilet paper, allowing people to conclude that he could exist logically. However, his powers were shown to be leaving some noticeable distortions on camera records. (Source: CBR

ForgetMeNot’s Legacy

ForgetMeNot meets a young woman attempting to break into the mansion and shares the story of his primarily forgotten adventures with the X-Men and his struggle with his powers. He rescues her from being consumed by the security system, and though she immediately forgets him, he inspires her to live a better life. (Source: CBR

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