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How Are Tesla Stores Different from Regular Dealerships?

From the moment Tesla was launched by tycoon Elon Musk, we did not only see hybrid cars but drastic changes in the sales pattern were also introduced in a very orthodox style. With these upfront changes, how did tesla differ from traditional car dealers?

There is a big difference between a Tesla Store from a traditional dealership. Being on a modern scheme, Tesla has been promoting its sales by placing its product in popular malls and dense locations without the availability of purchase because you can only order them online.

How Does A Standard Car Dealership Differ From Hybrid Tesla Cars?

The question is, what are the main points of difference between the two kinds of dealerships? A standard franchised dealership has been in the industry for a long time and has a pattern of upselling buyers in a way for a bigger profit.

Whereas, Tesla stores introduce their modern cars in places where people will see their electric modernized cars without a salesperson to convince them to buy their products. 

(Source: The News Wheel)

The Vision Of Tesla Stores

The main objective of this new approach by Tesla into the marketing world is to bring hype and curiosity into the minds of the public. By this, people will now wonder how these things work and are unsatisfied until they own one of these trending vehicles. 

As proof, one of the product specialists detailed that the main goal is to note that people who went in do not merely intend to buy a car. And by having that in mind, the plan is to inform these potential consumers that these hybrid cars are what they need and mostly what they can afford to maintain in the future. 

(Source: The News Wheel)

Tesla versus Regular Car Dealerships: Is There Any Tension Between the Two?

Yes, there is unlikely friction between Tesla and regular car dealerships. This is because of Elon Musk’s agenda. He exposed the industry of car dealerships and franchising. Subjectively, he insisted that laws governing car sales were not intended to be bent but to be greatly taken care of. 

Despite their efforts to ease tensions, Tesla’s business model is accentuating the problems running rampant with the traditional car dealership model. But Tesla doesn’t interpret it that way. Instead, the company believes its stores are reaching an entirely different set of clientele compared to those shopping at traditional dealerships. 

Tesla knows for a fact that buyers who enter traditional car dealerships already know which vehicle they want, and the dealership will help them obtain it. Meanwhile, these kinds of people are not the target market of Tesla, instead, they are clinging to those who are at 50/50 or those people that don’t have the final idea of what to buy. And for that reason, Tesla’s approach was to place their hybrid cars in high traffic: to get the word out that Tesla is the new carmaker, ready to educate you about the future of modern transportation. 

In this manner, car dealerships can learn big time from Tesla. Instead of them being anxious that people are now turning to the modern approach, they can rebrand their market by means of educating the consumer on why they should buy their cars. 

In conclusion, these modern and hybrid ways of selling cars are now taking the world by storm. Tesla seems the new fit king for the industry.  (Source: The News Wheel)

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