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Why Did John Krasinski Wear A Wig in the Third Season of The Office?

John Krasinski is an American actor and filmmaker who has received four Primetime Emmy Award nominations and even won two Screen Actors Guild Awards. He was popularly known for his role as Jim Halpert on the NBC sitcom The Office. But did you know he wore a wig in the third season of the show?

John Krasinski wore a wig in the third season of The Office so he could film for Leatherheads. Krasinski pitched on wearing a wig to their producer who didn’t like the idea till Krasinski revealed he was wearing the wig during the meeting.

Who is John Krasinski?

John Burke Krasinski was born October 20, 1979, in Brighton, Boston. He is the youngest of three boys. He was raised as a Catholic in Newton, Massachusetts. 

Krasinski made his mark in acting on a live stage as Daddy Warbucks in a sixth-grade school production of Annie. He then co-starred in a satirical play that was written by his co-star B.J. Novak back when they were seniors in high school.

Krasinski and Novak graduated from Newton South High School in 1997. Before going to college Krasinski taught English in Costa Rica for six months. He attended Brown University to study English and finished his degree in 2001 as a playwright and received honors for his thesis Contents Under Pressure. (Source: Good Housekeeping)

John Krasinski’s Career in Acting

In 2000, Krasinski interned as a scriptwriter on the show Late Night with Conan O’Brien. After graduating from Brown University, Krasinski transferred to New York to seek acting. He materialized in commercials and guest-starred on television shows, as well as doing assignments for off-Broadway plays while laboring as a waiter. He starred in the slack What the Eunuch Saw, which was penned and directed by his former college classmates Emily O’Dell and Isaac Robert Hurwitz. (Source: Pittsburg Hive)

Who is the Hairstylist Behind the Controversial Wig?

Avid fans of The Office will definitely know who Kim M. Ferry is. Ferry is one of the renowned celebrity hairstylists in the entertainment industry, and for eight seasons she functioned as a member of The Office’s hair and makeup crew.

She’s the woman who perfected Pam’s signature curls, and the individual who had the honor of rubbing peanut butter all over Steve Carell’s head in Season 4’s Night Out episode. She was also the mastermind of the wigs seen throughout the series. 

Ferry secured a job on the science fiction series Babylon 5 in 1994, she’s driven on to work as a hairstylist for an assortment of movies and television shows, including Pretty Little Liars, Stuck in the Middle, ER, Bunheads, Veronica Mars, and more. 

Over the years, she has performed with many further casts and crews, but to this day she considers The Office as the best job ever. (Source: Mashable)

The Rumor of John Krasinski’s Toupee

On the break of Season 3 of The Office, John Krasinski requested to tatter a hairpiece when filming the last six episodes so that he could star alongside George Clooney in the 2008 football film, Leatherheads.

The Leatherheads part demanded Krasinski to cut his hair, which Office showrunner Greg Daniels wasn’t on board with, so he shut down Krasinski’s proposition. Sooner than turning down the role, Krasinski went to Ferry for help, and the two teamed up for a top-hidden wig process. Source: Mashable)

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