In 1998 Sony had the chance to buy the rights to almost every Marvel character for 25 million. They opted to only buy the rights to Spider-Man for just 7 million, stating, “Nobody gives a shit about the other Marvel characters.”

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The history of comic book characters on film is a fascinating one. We are currently living in a golden age of interconnectedness that approaches what has been done in the comic books for decades, at least in the Marvel Cinematic Universe anyway. That is poised to only grow and continue as deals are made and time goes on, but it was not always so. While we are now enjoying the fruits of a partnership between Sony and Marvel Studios to share Spider-Man, for a long time the Web-Slinger was on an island by himself at Sony. This is due to Sony purchasing the theatrical rights to Spider-Man from Marvel years ago, and that was after turning down the opportunity to buy nearly every other Marvel character.

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